Miles Davis ~ All Blues from Kind of Blue, 1959.

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  • Miles Davis ~ All Blues from Kind of Blue, 1959.
    • Structure
      • 12 bar blues chord sequence
      • Main melody is the head, played by trumpet and heard at start and end.
    • Melody
      • Head melody is simple and characterised by rising 6th (D-B)
      • TRUMPET: Lasts four choruses made up of short syncopated motifs.
      • ALTO SAX: lasts four choruses, uses quicker notes and wider range then trumpet.
      • TENOR SAX: lasts four choruses, uses fast scales and quick runs. Very virtuosic.
      • PIANO: lasts 2 choruses, much calmer improvisation than others with simple melody and s string of parallel chords.
    • Tonality and harmony
      • Piece is in G minor, but has flattened 7th (blue note)
      • Same as being in mixolydian mode, why we can describe piece as modal jazz.
      • Based on 12 bar blues.
    • Dynamics
      • Trumpet solo 2 has a higher dynamic range.
      • In head 1 the trumpet plays legato mainly in its middle register.
      • The intro all the parts play quietly with a breathy tone
      • Everyone fades out for the outro.
    • Texture
      • Cobb improvises how he hits the ride cymbal to create changes in the texsure.
        • With soloists playing over accompaniment by piano and rhythm section.
      • The change in texture is used to highlight interesting chords.


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