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  • Mikey
    • Stands up strongly for what he believes
      • Wear more clothes on the harsher side of punk. Ripped clothes, messed up clothes.
    • Loves punk music and the punk scene
      • Wear band-tees to represent his love for the music
    • Calm and reserved until something upsets him, then he stands up for what he thinks right
    • 15 years old
      • Shows a younger side of the punk scene
    • Lives the punk lifestyle
      • Dressed in typical punk attire. Black leather, band tees. Thick eyeliner.
      • Hair could be scruff as punks don't tend to care what others think
    • Is a school-kid
      • Wears a school uniform. Still wears eyeliner, but it's more refined.
    • Symbolism
      • Red school tie- represents teen angst
      • Black leather - represents loss (in case of mother) and sorrow
      • ripped clothes- represents roughness and harshness


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