Migration to UK

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  • Migrations
    • Migration to UK- MEDC
      • facts
        • 1st May 2004, eight eastern european countries joined the EU
        • estimates show that 500,000 are thought to have arrived in the UK
        • 63% from Poland
      • impacts on UK
        • 82% aged 18-34 so they reversed the UKs ageing population
        • reduced dependancy ration by 8%
        • they made the economy more flexible and responsive
        • they filled jobs the local population didnt want- 26% in distibution, hotels, catering
        • increased demand for cheap housing, migrants tend to cluster Eg Peterborough
        • new shops Eg polish specialised shop injected culture to areas
        • generated revenue- over 10% of government tax
        • minimal friction as same european culture Eg more attended church
      • peterborough
        • 10% of housholds have no one at home that speaks english
        • Nearly 40 per cent of pupils do not speak English as a first language
        • amazon distribution warehouse employs thousands of workers, most from Central and Eastern Europe.


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