mirgation in eu

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  • migration in the EU
    • 27 memebrs since 2007
      • before join countries must fulfil economic and political conditions
      • promotes free movement of people, goods and service
    • migrants coming to the uk
      • 45% for work
      • 18% accompanying family
    • Eastern European jobs in the uk
      • primary
        • farming 4%
      • secondary
        • warehouse, packer, builder, factory 43%
      • tertiary
        • catering, cleaner, waiter, hotel maid, carer 21%
    • refugees migrate to europe
      • africa to eu by crossing the meditarian sea to spain
      • 2001
      • 45000 people came
      • refugees from wars in central ans western wars for example to war between Hutu and tutsi
      • only push factors they fled for their lives
      • impacts on African countries
        • working population is reduced so less people contributing to economy
        • families become seperated
      • impacts on spain
        • social tension
          • fight for jobs
        • unskilled workers fill job gaps in labour market
        • average workers for unskilled jobs have fallen because there are so many people wanting the jobs
        • birth rate increased because lots of young migrants


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