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  • Migration
    • Types of Migrant
      • Economic
        • Move to find better work and pay
      • Voluntary
        • Want to move
      • Illegal Immigrants
        • Enter and stay in a country illegally
      • Involuntary
        • Forced to move against will
      • Asylum Seekers
        • Move due to being at risk
    • Intra-EU
      • Poland to UK
        • Push Factors
          • High unemployment rate
          • Low average and minimum wages
          • Housing shortages
        • Pull Factors
          • Ease of migration
            • UK allowed unlimited immigration from new 2004 EU members
          • Good exchange rate to send remittances
          • Plenty of jobs, better paid
        • Consequences
          • UK
            • Reproductive age increase, helping ageing pop.
            • Migrant taxes help support elderly
            • Not all earned money being spent in UK
          • Poland
            • Remittances sent back home
            • Loss of working age population, economy cant grow
            • Returning migrants come with new skills
      • UK to Spain
        • Push Factors
          • Unpredictable, wetter climate
          • Cost of living increasing, ie. consuming
        • Pull Factors
          • More predictable, warmer climate
          • Lower cost of living, more disposable income
          • Quicker and cheaper travel
          • Improved communications, call home easier
        • Consequences
          • Spain
            • Greater proportion of elderly
            • Local elections affected by British
            • Non-integrated British communities
            • Economy boost and more jobs needed
            • Pressure on healthcare
          • UK
            • Smaller proportion of elderly
            • Economy loses out, less money spent
    • Rural-Urban
      • Movement of people from rural to urban
        • Causes Urbanisation
        • Mostly in developing countries
      • Push Factors
        • Inconsistent income and food supply eg. subsistence farmers
        • Low standard of living
        • Too many people for resources
      • Pull Factors
        • Job oppurtunities
        • More stable income
        • Better standard of living


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