Migration- push and pull, positive and negative impacts

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  • Migration
    • push factors about a persons origin that make them decide to move
      • e.g. not being able to find a job, poor living conditions, war, natural disaster
    • pull factors about a persons destination that attracts them
      • e.g. job opportunities, better standard of lving
    • Positive Impacts
      • Source country
        • reduced demand on services
        • money sent back by emigrants
      • Receiving country
        • increased labour force- young people immigrate to find work
        • migrant workers pay taxes that help fund services
    • Negative Impacts
      • Source country
        • labour shortage
        • skills shortage
        • ageing population
      • Receiving country
        • locals and immigrants compete for jobs
        • increased demand for services e.g. schools
        • not all money earnt by immigrants spent in destination country


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