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  • Migration
    • Migrants come to the UK from a variety of countries
    • Another type of migrant is an ASYLUM SEEKER, someone who has been forced to leave their own country
      • Possibly  danger-of war
      • Religious  beliefs
    • People from the UK also emigrate to countries around the world
    • Advantages of countries loosing people
      • Money sent home by immigrants
      • Decreases pressure on jobs and resources
    • Disadvantages of countries loosing people
      • Reducing the size of the country's potential workforce
      • Strikes
      • Gender imbalances - men work and children and mother left behind
    • Advantages  of the host countries
      • Richer and more diverse culture
      • Helps reduce labour shortages
      • Migrants are more prepared to take on low paid/low skilled jobs
    • Disadvantages of the        host countries
      • Over-crowding
      • Increasing cost of services such as health care and education
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