Middle Ages Treaments

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  • Middle Ages Treatments
    • Difference in standards with medicine due to differences with rich and poor and Christianity and Islam
    • Muslims translated works by Galen and Hippocrates, but took care of patients - hospitals in every large town
    • Purging - main form of cure - balances four humours - includes bleeding and other ways of removing ‘excess’ fluids (ie. diarrhea)
    • Urine colour used for diagnosis - chart called Vademecum - the colour of the urine, they believed, would tell them how much of each humour the person had, so they could tell how much to bleed the person
    • Only the rich could afford professionals, most relied on prayer and family cures (herbal and spiritual)
    • Women had been key to dealing with family illness but specialisms were developing and they were excluded apart from midwifery
    • No effective cures/preventions - avoiding bad smells and crazy cures (swallowing live frogs). Still some trepanning


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