Middle Adulthood(46-65 years)

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  • Middle Adulthood(46-65 years)
    • Physical Development
      • Hair loss- Men become balder/greyer
      • Slower movement and reduced stamina
      • Reduced hand eye co-ordination
      • Less muscle power
      • Appearance of wrinkles-Due to skin which loses elasticity
      • An increase in weight/Decline in fertility/Loss of fertility-menopause
    • Emotional Development
      • Some people its a period of crisis/some its a period of contentment and satisfaction
      • Midlife crisis- becoming grandparents- brings feeling and emotions
      • Job routine-Bored with work,want a change,whats next?
      • Children grow up and leave home-ENS(Emptiness syndrome)
    • Intellectual Development
      • Reaches highest position in job
      • Due to aging,a persons memory may not be as quick as it was previously
      • Retrain for new careers or pursue new directions
      • Seek intellectual stimulation through hobbies,social life or by extending their education through evening classes or part time courses
      • Combine intellectual activities gained through adolescence and early adulthood
    • Social Development
      • Changing relationships with aging parents
      • Retirement from work-More money to spend for themselves
      • Changing relationship with own((adult) children-More time on their hands
      • High Unemployment
      • Help with support for grandchildren


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