'English Government in the years 1540 to 1562 was consistently weak.' -AGREE

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  • 'Government in the years1540 to 1562 Was Consistently Weak.' - Agree
    • Long term security was compromised by the selling of monastic lands for a heavily discounted price
      • the coinage had been debased which boosted inflation
      • Finances were further damaged by Henry VIII's expensive wars with France and Scotland
      • high unemplo-yment
    • 1549 Western Rebellion caused by renentment towards taxation, particularly the sheep tax
      • Also caused by disagreement over religious reforms
    • Ketts Rebellion- Caused somewhat by hatred of local government officials, further proves a lack of support for the crown
      • The intital attempt to crush this rebellion ended in a humiliating defeat.
    • The religious changes since 1529 seem to have left many clergy & laity confused, apathetic & indifferent, inclined neither to welcome the changes nor oppose them.
      • Shows lack of support for Edwards religious changes
    • parliament met in Oct 1553, refusing a repeal the Act of Supremacy .
      • Proves a lack of cooperation between Mary and the members of her parliament


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