Pratical Skills

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  • Microscopes
    • Staining specimen
      • Methylene
        • Blue stain that can be used to stain any specimen
      • Some stains bind to specific cell structures
        • Acetic orecin
          • Stain DNA dark red
        • Gentian Violet
          • Stains bacterial cell walls
        • Easin
          • Stains cytoplasm
        • Iodine
          • Stains cellulose
    • Artefacts
      • These are substances that can be seen under a microscope but are not part of the specimen
    • Cell Fractionation
      • 1.keep specimen cold
      • 2. Isotonic- prevent damage by osomosis
      • 3.Ultracentrifugation- separting organellles
        • 1. sepsarte according to size
        • 2. Remove supernatant and repeat
    • magnification
      • How much bigger an image is compared to the oprginal specimen
      • Microscopes produce linear magnification
    • Resolution
      • the ability of an optical intrustment to see or produce an image that shows fine detail clearly


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