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  • Microclimates/SNABS
    • Surface
      • light surfaces eg. ice/snow reflect heat which is called the albido effect
      • Dark surfaces absorb heat eg. tarmac and light surfaces eg. ice/snow reflect heat
    • Natural Features
      • Natural Features include lakes, trees and forests
      • Forests are cooler in the summer because the trees block the sun's rays and warmer in the winter because the cold winds are blocked
      • Large bodies of water such as Lakes and seas give of heat during the winter and provides a coooling affect during the summer this is because bodies of water take a very long time to cool off/ heat up
    • Aspect
      • Aspect shows which way the building faces
        • in the northern hemisphere south facing gardens/ buildings recive more direct sunlight that north facing gardens/ buildings
          • therefore buildings with south facing gardens are more expencive than houses with north facing gardens
    • Buildings
      • Buildings can either break up or funnel the wind depending on the direction of the building
      • Buildings absorb heat during the day and give off heat during the night this creates the urban heat island effect
    • Shelter
      • Things such as hills, walls and valleys can provide shelter from things such as rain or wind
      • prevailing winds blowing north would provide shelter in the south
      • when it is raining hiding inside a bus station can shelter you from the rain


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