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  • Microbes
    • Bacteria
      • Single celled organisms
      • Live in body tissues between cells
      • They grow in warm, moist and dark places - e.g. in between toes
      • They have chromosomes instead of nuclei
      • Cell walls, cytoplasm, cell membrane and chromosomes
      • Can cause TB, conjunctivitis bronchitis, chlamidia etc
      • There are both good and bad types of bacteria
    • Viruses
      • They are the smallest type of mucrobe
      • Only seen by powerful microscopes
      • Has a protein coat and a strand of gene
      • It can cause  MMR, aids, chicken pox, the flu etc
    • Protozoa
      • Single celled organisms
      • These are larger than bacteria
      • Has cytoplasm, a food vacuole, a vacuole, a nucleus and cell membrane
      • Causes malaria etc
    • Fungi
      • Yeast is single celled
      • Others reproduce in dark damp places
      • They can cause mould, but are used in penicillin
      • Causes thrush, athlete's foot etc
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