Othello - Cassio

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  • Michael Cassio
    • Young soldier
    • Promoted by Othello to leiutenant
      • Iago wants revenge on Othello
      • Job Iago wanted (jealousy)
    • Iago gets him drunk (part of his plan)
      • Cassio loses his job
        • Iago happy
        • Cassio gets Desdemona's help to get it back
          • She asks Othello
            • He gets angry and jealous
      • 'he'll be as full of quarrel and offence'
      • Cassio is inexperienced in life and war
        • 'that never set a squadron in the field'
      • WEAKNESS!
        • Iago uses this to his advantage
        • 'I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking'
    • Girlfriend called Bianca
      • 'my most fair Bianca'
    • Stays loyal to Othello
      • Put in charge at the end of the play
        • One of few characters who doesnt die!
      • Thinks he loses it when drunk (regret)
        • 'Oh I have lost my reputation'
    • Targeted by Iago to help destroy Othello
      • Made out to have an affair with Desdemona (not true!)
        • her handkercheif ends up in the hands of Cassio (makes Othello jealous)


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