English Meg Ryan and Michael parkinson interview 2

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  • michae
  • Michael Parkinson and Meg Ryan interview.
    • paragraph 1
      • Overall atmosphere= more serious throughout the whole interview
        • Michael Parkinson's intention= more focused then Jonathan who makes social talk and chit chat
          • This can be seen through when he says " you did say that, yes you did say that. The use of repetition.
  • Meg Ryan isn't fit to be interviewed and Michael Parkinson is being aggressive.
    • Both of the interviews have hesitations at some point. There is a much more serious tone in the Michael Parkinson interview
      • There is much more of a humorous tone in the Jonathan Ross and David Beckham interview.
  • The interview is uncomfortable formal and journalistic.
    • There is little audience participation but not much.
  • paragraph 3
    • Michael Parkinson remains the same throughout the whole interview.
      • Also very serious " are you denying that you said that?"
        • The audience can tell that there is an antagonistic relationship throughout the interview.
          • We can see this when Meg Ryan nods her and from her fake smile which signifies that she didn't want to be interviewed even from the start.
            • Michael Parkinson remains the same throughout the interview. Whereas Jonathan Ross changes throughout his interview in terms of what is being said.
              • paragraph 4
                • Parkinson's and Meg Ryan's relationship is an uncomfortable one.
  • Meg Ryan speaks to Michael Parkinson in an uncomfortable manner due to him throwing question at her that are quite personal and confidential
  • At the end of the interview Michael Parkinson points out exactly what Meg Ryan has been doing throughout the interview and how this links to what goes on with her outside this interview.
    • We can see this from when he says " yes you are wary of journalists, you're wary of me, you don't like being interviewed. You can see  it in the way you sit and the way you are."
      • Michael Parkinson lets Meg Ryan take role of the interview by letting her rap up. Usually the interviewer would rap up.
        • conclusion
          • Jonathan Ross blends serious with social questions. Whereas Michael Parkinson is serious throughout the interview.
            • We learn much more about Meg Ryan even though Jonathan Ross and David Beckham talk more.
              • However there are some similarities. For example both Meg Ryan and David Beckham have filler when they speak.
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