Mexico City (Case study)

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  • Mexico City (informal economy)
    • Terms
      • Megacity is a city that has over 10 million people it
        • New York
        • Bangladesh
      • Informal economy is any economic activity that falls outside the formal economy.
        • 'Cash in hand'
        • 'Black market'
      • GDP or Gross Domestic Product is the total value of good and services in a country.
    • Basic facts
      • Mexico City is the capital city in Mexico.
      • It is the 13th biggest Megacity.
      • It is an LHC.
      • Home to over 20 million prople.
    • Why is Mexico City so attractive to people?
      • Weather
      • Location
      • Tourist attration
      • Many people don't pay tax.
      • Place in a good area for families.
      • Near the USA
    • More important facts
      • Emergence of Shanty town to house new arrivals.
      • Climate change means farming becomes harder.
      • Government has factories for people to work in.
      • 30% of the countries GDP
      • Farmers incomes are very low so they could not feed family.
      • Morden technology mens less labour on farms
      • Factories open
      • There is a greater number of schools in the city.


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