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  • Metternich
    • 'System'
      • Preservation of Austrian Empire
        • Preservation of his position in power
      • A.G.P Taylor: 'Simply a traditional conservative'
      • Based on a complex philosophy
    • Hated democracy
      • "Democracy is in every case a principle of dissolution, of decomposition."
      • Thought monarchy was best for men
        • "brings men together"
        • "unites them in compact, efficient masses"
        • "makes them capable... of the highest degree of culture and civilisation."
    • Maintenance of peace was directly linked with prevention of revolution in individual states
      • What happened in one state was the business of the others
      • The social order had to be defended against the forces of destruction
        • Liberalism
        • Nationalism
        • Thought that revolutionary ideas would result in the destruction of the monarchy
        • Was against any constitutional change- no matter how modest


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