Methods of Training

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  • Methods of Training
    • Fartlek
      • Training for different periods of time or on different terrains
        • Footballers may use this as they tend to run and different periods or time and different distances during a game.
    • Circuit
      • Training at 6-10 different stations working on different things
        • Anyone can use this as it improves general fitness
    • Cross
      • Using two or more methods of training
        • A heptathlete as they are required to specialise in different sporting events and excel
    • Weight
      • Training using weights
        • Weightlifters can use this to improve muscular fitness
    • Continuous
      • This is when you exercise aerobically for 20 minutes or more
        • Long distance runner would benefit from this as it helps improve cardiovascular fitness
    • Interval
      • Periods of intense exercise followed by periods of rest
        • This can be used by sprinters as it works on their anaerobic fitness


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