methods of studying schizophrenia 

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  • methods of studying schizophrenia
    • interviews
      • can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured
      • interviewer will find out about personal data
        • martial status
        • age
        • gender
        • employment status
      • standard instructions are used at the beginning, so the respondent is aware of ethical issues
        • right to withdraw
        • confidentiality
      • e.g. Goldstein
    • twin studies
      • involve comparing MZ and DZ twins to see what differences there are in the incidence of certain characteristics
        • completely genetic (nature) = both MZ twins should show the characteristic                     comes from environmental influences (nurture) = MZ twins won't share the characteristic any more than DZ twins
        • MZ = share 100% of their genes because they comes from one egg
        • DZ = share 50% of their genes because they come from two eggs
      • concordance: when one twin is found to have the same characteristic as the other twin
      • If schizophrenia is inherited, when one twin has the condition, the other is more likely to suffer from it as well
      • e.g. Goldstein
  • DZ = share 50% of their genes because they come from two eggs


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