Methods of seperation

Includes distillation - simple and fractional, chromotography, filtration and crystillisation.

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  • Methods of Seperation
    • Filtration
      • Separates insoluble solids from a liquid.
    • Crystallisation
      • Seperates Soluble Solids from a solution
    • Chromotography
      • Different dyes move up the paper at different rates
      • Can be used to identify dyes
    • Distillation
      • Simple
        • Separates. liquid from a solution
        • Solution  is heated -> part with lowest boiling point evaporates -> Vapour is cooled, Condensed and collected -> Eventually salt will be left
        • ONLY  separate things with DIFFERENT boiling points
      • Fractional
        • Put mixture in flask with fractionating column on top-> heat -> liquid with lowest boiling point will evaporate first-> When thermometer matches the boiling point, it will reach the top of column -> Liquids with higher boiling points may also evaporate but the column is cooler toward the top so they will only get part way -> When the 1st liquid has been collected you raise temp and repeat


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