Methods of Exclusion

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  • Methods of Exclusion Crisis
    • Whigs
      • Petitions
        • Shaftesbury'sgroup organised a campaign that set up tables in London to sign
          • Charles ignored it due to validity
      • Pamphlets
        • 200 pamphlets produced 1679 to 1681
      • Processions
        • November processions focused on Anti-Catholicism e.g. Pope Burning
      • Plots
        • Popish Plot and Dugale- Oates imprisoned
      • Prosecutions
        • Attempts to prosecute James at Middlesex Grand Jury and Louise de Keroualle
    • Tories
      • Works such as Patriarcha by Robert Filmer
      • Government endorsed paper London Gazette
      • John Locke's 'Two Treatises of Government'


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