A2 Marine Science - Methods of ensuring sustainable fishing

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  • Methods of ensuring sustainable fishing
    • Restrict seasons
      • Allows breeding / recovery of fish stocks during restricted seasons
    • Restrict location
      • Allows refuge for breeding
    • Restriction by method (e.g. pole and line, minimum mesh size, etc.)
      • Reduces catch size
      • Reduces impact on non-target species (only target species caught)
      • Allows small fish to escape
    • Restriction by fish size
      • Allows fish time to reach reproductive maturity
    • Impose quotas / restriction on number of boats
      • Reduces fishing intensity and catch size
    • Inspections / law enforcement
      • Patrolling, satellite tracking, etc.
      • But may be difficult because...
        • Policing difficult in large expanses of territorial water
        • International waters not subject to restrictions
        • Fines imposed for illegal catches are difficult to collect
        • Illegal poaching
        • Dumping of illegal catch before inspection


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