ICT OCR AS - Chapter 1 - Methods to convey meaning

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  • Methods of conveying meaning
    • Text
      • Advantages
        • Clear to understand
        • lots of detail
      • Disadvantages
        • Need to be able to read
        • Need to understand the language
        • Could be confusing - level of language
        • Lots of text cannot be read quickly
    • Graphics
      • Advantages
        • Multilingual - do not need language to understand an image
        • Can match what you see - physical shapes
      • Disadvantages
        • Can be confusing if you do not know the symbols
        • Some symbols do  not mean the same thing in different countries
    • Sound
      • Advantages
        • No fixed position
        • No line of sight required
        • Good for visually impaired people
      • Disadvantages
        • No god in a large area - distortion of sound
        • Usually language based
        • May not know the meaning of the sound
        • Untitled
    • Moving picture
      • Advantages
        • Lots of information conveyed
        • Not language dependant
        • Can exemplify text
      • Disadvantages
        • Linear- if you do not see the beginning you may not understand
        • Problems if sound
    • LED
      • Advantages
        • Can allow data to be kept secure
        • Can be used in noisy places
        • Similar to graphics
      • Disadvantages
        • Need to be able to see the light
        • Combinations of lights may need to be known to understand


Mr A Gibson


A handy resource for making students think about meaning. This is good for exam questions that ask you to apply the topic to an unfamiliar situation. Could be extended to include examples that you have covered.

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