Methods used to prevent accidental misuse of data

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  • Methods used to prevent accidental misuse of data
    • Standard backups to floppy disc/portable HDD
      • selected files is copied to a portable storage medium
      • Can be scheduled using automatic backup software scheduling
      • network admin may have to plug in and store the portable HDD- often kept off site
    • RAID systems - mirror disks (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disc)
      • All data is simultaneously written to >1 HDD. If one HDD fails the system will automatically switch to using the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th...). Useful when there can be no downtime
    • Grandfather, father, son systems
      • 3 generations off files are kept.
      • Used in transaction processing systems so that data can be recovered from before the production of bills
    • Backing up programme files
      • Used so that specialised software will be backing up
      • Actual programme files themselves (that enable production of data) can be kept in case they become corupt


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