Methods of Recruitment

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  • Methods of Recruitment
    • Local Newspaper
      • Helps build brand awareness
      • Very costly
      • Limited tio specific area and those who read paper
    • Word of Mouth
    • Company's Website / Newsletter
      • Good for internal recruitment
      • Restricted audience
    • Social Media
      • Access to wide network of contacts
      • Build relationships with candidates
      • Labour intensive
      • Mixes personal and professional
    • Job Fair / Recruitment Events
      • Meet potential candidates face -to-face
      • Increase awareness of the company
      • Competing against other employers
      • No chance to sift out candidates
    • Job Site
      • Technology helps mage vacancies effectively
      • Cost effective
      • Potential large numbers of inappropriate applications.
    • Industry magaizine
      • Targets candidates with specific skills
    • Employment Agency / Recruitment Consultants
      • They do the recruitment for you
      • Access to a database of those seeking work
      • Costly
      • Have less say in who is recruited


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