Methods of Practice

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  • Methods of Practice
    • Part Practice
      • Working on an isolate sub-routine with the aim of perfecting it
      • Practising only in the tennis serve
      • Allows performer to make sense of a skill,gaining confidence as they learn each element/Reduces possibility of overload
    • Whole Practice
      • Skills being taught without breaking down into sub-routines or parts
      • Sprinting and dribbling,because of their cyclic or contionous nature of breakdown into subroutine/Golf swing
      • Allows the performer to experience the feel of the skill-Kinaesthesis
    • Whole-Part-Whole Practice
      • Practicing the whole skill,then Practising a sub-routine in isolation,then practicing the whole skill again
      • 1.Practice whole swimming stroke 2.Practice leg kick in isolation(using float) 3. Practice whole stroke again
      • To recognise strengths and weaknesses,then correct specific skill errors
    • Progressive-Part Practice
      • Skills are brocken down into sub-routines;Performer learns one link,then a second link and practises these,then further links are then added on known as chainning
      • Gymnastic floor routine,triple jump,lay-up shot in basketball,trampoline routine
      • Helpful to allow performer to learn links between sub-routines and transfer these into the whole skill


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