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  • Methadone
    • What is it?
      • given to heroin addicts
      • liquid taken orally
      • given at local pharmacy or clinic
        • supervised until seen as trustworthy
      • synthetic opiate
        • similar chemical structure to heroin
        • similar effect at synapse
      • daily dose
      • steady release into blood stream
      • doesn't give rush
        • able to function relatively normal
      • miss a dose - less able to break it down
      • dose decreased over time
      • 60 - 90mg a day is therapeutic dose
      • medical checks recommended every 3 months
    • Evaluation
      • very expensive - comes from tax
      • seen as unethical
      • not mixed with other drugs
      • breaks links with drug dealers and needles
      • hard to overdose on
        • unless mixed in a cocktail of other drugs


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