Animal Farm - Characters

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  • Characters
    • Napoleon
      • Fierce. Always gets his own way. Manipulative. Leads revolution. Power hungry.
      • Pig
    • Squealer
      • Napoleons right hand man. In charge of propaganda. Confident and persuasive speaker.
      • Pig
    • Snowball
      • Clever brave and enthusiastic
      • Pig
    • Old Major
      • Principled. Starts the revolution.
      • Boar
    • Boxer
      • Hard worker but slow thinker. "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right".
      • Horse
    • Benjamin
      • Cynical. Does not want do to more than his fair share of work
      • Donkey
    • Mollie
      • Vain, Pretty, cares more about herself than revolution
      • Horse
    • Moses
      • Obsessed with Sugar Candy Mountain
      • Raven
    • Clover
      • Kind and motherly
      • Horse
    • The Sheep
      • Take up the slogan "Four legs good, Two legs bad" Manipulated at the end and change it to "Four legs good, Two legs better"


Paul Dutton


A brief but useful guide to the characters in the novel.  Good for quick revision.


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