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  • Metals
    • Reactivity series
      • Most reactive-least resistant to oxidation
      • Least reactive-most resistant to oxidation
    • Bonding in metals
      • giant structures
      • strong electrostatic forces
      • strong attraction between positive metal ions and a sea of delocalised electrons
      • electrons in outer shell are lost to form delocalised electrons
    • Metallic properties
      • good conductors of electricity
      • mallable-due to layers of atoms being able to slide
    • Extracting metals
      • Metals lower than carbon are extracted by reduction
      • silver and gold are found as ores
    • sacrificial protection
      • using a more reactive metal such as mg/zn to protect iron or steel from protection
      • used to prevent the rusting of a large steel object eg ships, underground pipes
    • Alloy
      • Made by adding another element toa metal/non-metal
      • different elements have different sized atoms
      • hard for layers to slide past eachother
      • Steel
        • Alloys of iron
        • Made by adding small amounts of carbon to pure iron
        • low carbon-easily shaped
        • high carbon-strong,inflexible,brittle
        • stainless steel-corrosion resistant
        • steels are harder and stronger than iron




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