Metals Ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals

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  • Metals
    • Ferrous Metals
      • Mild Steel
        • Car body parts, Bike frame
        • Tough
        • Ductile
        • good tensile strength
      • Carbon Steel
        • Cutting tools
        • More brittle
        • Can be heated, treated to make it harder and tougher
      • Cast Iron
      • Stainless Steel
        • Kitchen equipment, cutlery
        • Hard & tough
        • Good strength when force is applied
        • resistance to ear and corrosion
    • Non-Ferrous Metals
      • Aluminium
        • Kitchen ware; saucepans
        • Excellent conductor of heat
        • Ductile, easily drawn out
        • Malleable, can be easily moulded
      • Duralium
      • Copper
        • Electrical contacts, domestic pipe work for central heating
        • Ductile
        • Resistant to corrosion, safer and lasts longer
      • Zinc
      • Tin
        • Food Wrapping (tin foil)
        • Resistant to corrosion i.e. from foods
        • Malleable, can form sheets easily


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