Metallic Crystals

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  • Metallic Crystals
    • Metals have a giant, three-dimensional lattice structure in which positive ions are arranged in a regular pattern in a 'sea of electrons'
      • The outer shell (valence) electrons are detached from the atoms and are delocalised (spread out) throughout the structure
        • The attraction between the positive ions and the delocalised electrons is known as a METALLIC BOND, and this attraction keeps the ions together
    • Explaining the properties of metals
      • Property: Most metals have high melting and boiling points
        • Reason: Metallic bonds are strong and there are many of them to overcome in a giant structure, hence a lot of heat energy is required
      • Property: Good conductors of electricity
        • Reason: The delocalised electrons are free to move when a potential difference is applied across the metal
      • Property: Malleable and ductile
        • The layers of positive ions can easily slide over one another and take up different positions. The delocalised electrons move with them so the metallic bonds are not broken


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