Metabolism:Major Metabolic Pathways

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  • Metabolism:Major Metabolic Pathways
    • Glycogen
      • g proteins transmit signal for initiation of the breakdown
      • conversion occurs in the liver
      • Degradation has three stages
      • Glucagon and adrenaline trigger breakdown
      • Synthesis needs a primer
    • Gluconeogenesis
      • synthesis of glucose
      • not the reversal of Glycolysis
    • Oxidative phosphorylation
      • deltaG=n.F.deltaEo
      • is the oxidation of NADH
      • recycling of ATP, taking place in electron transport chain
        • goes through complex 1,3 and 4
    • Glycolysis
      • has three stages
      • metabolizes one molecule of glucose to 2 molecules of pyruvate with the net production of 2ATP
    • Fischer projection
      • Horizontal line is bonds extending out of the plane of the page
      • Represents stereocenter as a cross
      • Vertical line  is the bonds extending into the plane of the page
    • Metabolising Ethanol
      • Use of alcohol dehyrdogenase enzyme in the cytoplasm of cells
      • Leads to accumulation of NADH, inhibiting gluconeogenesis and fatty acid oxidation
      • Use of aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme in the mitochondria
    • Thermodynamics
      • 1st law energy cannot be created or destroyed
      • 2nd law total entropy must increase for spontaneous reactions to occur
      • Gibb's free energy-deltaG=deltaH-TdeltaS
    • Phosphofructo-kinase
      • activity increases as ATP/AMP ratio is lowered
      • decreasing pHinhibits it
      • important control site in glycolytic pathway
    • Catalytic Stratergies
      • Catalysis by approximation
      • Acid-base Catalysis
      • Metal ion catalysis
      • Covalent catalysis
    • Regulation
      • Untitled


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