Meta Ethics- Intuitionism

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  • Meta Ethics- Intuitionism
    • Strengths
      • We act upon our intuition
      • We recognise when we do something wrong even if we can't explain it
    • Criticisms
      • We cannot verify intuition as it's innate
      • Everyone's intuition is subject to them
      • We are self-interested beings
    • Summary
      • Ross- our intuition decides which Prima-Facie duties we follow through.
      • Pritchard- we use reason + intuition
      • Cognitive theory
      • G.E. Moore- goodness is unanalysable therefore it is can be proven to be false /true
      • Goodness+ known not defined- "Yellow is yellow and that is all there is to it"
    • Ross' Prima-Facie duties
      • Reparation- e.g. righting wrongs
      • Beneficence- e.g. helping an old lady
      • Justice- e.g treating people equally
      • Fidelity- e.g. promise keeping


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