And the Glory of the Lord- Messiah

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  • Messiah- And the Glory of the Lord
    • Time Signature: 3/4
    • Tonality: A major
    • Tempo: Allegro- lively, fast dance tempo to match joyous mood
    • Dynamics: MF and F to match joyful mood of words- TERRACED
    • Rhythm: "Driving" regular on-beat crotchet rhythms match "stately" mood. Use of HEMIOLA- notes grouped in 2-beat units
    • Harmony: clear MAJOR harmonies- minor avoided to match joyful words. Uses PERFECT CADENCES during piece with a PLAGAL CADENCE ending the chorus
    • Texture: Alternating HOMOPHONIC and POLYPHONIC sections. The chorus ends with a CHORDAL HOMOPHONIC coda
    • Musical Features: IMITATION and SEQUENCE. SYLLABIC word setting- one word per note. MELISMATIC word setting- one word spread over many notes
    • Melody and Form&Structure: IDEA 1- based on triad of A major&syllabic. IDEA 2- descending sequence and melisma. IDEA 3- repetition. IDEA 4- notes of long duration, repeated
    • Instrumentation: written for 4 voices- SOPRANO, ALTO, TENOR&BASS with instrumental accompaniment. Instruments: strings, harpsichord, trumpets, timpani, oboes&bassoons


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