Criminology - Messerschmidt

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  • Messershmidt, 1993, "Masculinities and Crime"
    • men are ignored in a patriarchal way
    • challenged and differs
      • varing impact on behaviour
    • males are socialised into hegomonic masculinity
    • achieve goals through sport/ employment
      • if blocked it causes strain and frustration
        • goal blockages used to "do" gender
      • legitimately
    • stereotype that women are good and men are bad
      • categorising and labelling causes violence
    • white working class boys are less likely to achieve
      • "sissy stuff" and causing mischief/ pranks
      • types of crime = theft, fighting and hate crimes
    • white middle class boys accomodate imasculating experiences in school
      • non violent crimes like vandalism and binge drinking
    • men are seen as unidimensional and stereotypical
    • more careful thoughts towards causation of crime and how it shapes the gender problem
    • crime = gutsy, cool, fearless, real man
    • define masculinity through paid work, subordination of women and hetrosexism
      • must accomplish masculinity
    • racial minority and lower class school is boring and humiliating
      • turn to physical violence, gang violence, streets, robbery and crimes where the victim is dominated or humiliated


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