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  • Merton
    • Basics
      • Building on DURKHEIM'S anomie
      • A critique of American culture
    • Evaluation
      • We do not know how much monetary success is really valued in society
      • Why those in lower classes are more universially accepting of a deviant/criminal behaviour.
    • Anomie
      • Anomie is created because people cannot achieve societies goals
      • American society and values cause crime
      • Blocked means create strain and anomie leading to deviance
      • The American dream says everyone who works hard can achieve prosperity and success
    • Deviant adaptions
      • Innovate
        • They accept the goal in society but reject the means of getting it
      • Ritualist
        • an individual who does not values the goals of society but still uses the means as a way of conforming to society
      • Rebellion
        • radical alternative to retreatism
        • new goals and new means of attaining them
      • Retreatist
        • an individual who has both rejected the means of achieving the goals of society as well as the goal itself


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