Mercutio - Character

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  • Mercutio
    • quotes
      • "If love be rough with you, be rough with love" (act 1 scene 4)
        • tells Romeo that love should not get the better of him, because he believes love isn't real and he therefore dismisses Romeo's feelings with a witty joke
      • "not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door, but 'tis enough" (act 3 scene 1)
        • even when he receives a wound which is clearly fatal, he responds with a witty remark
      • "a plague a'both your houses" (act 3 scene 1)
        • shows his anger at having to die over a feud he was not really involved in. this also foreshadows the bad thing (or plague) that occurs later
      • "a gentleman who loves to hear himself talk"
        • said by Romeo to the Nurse - shows how Mercutio is known to be loud, boisterous, over dramatic and disrespectul, even by his closest friends
    • role
      • acts as the voice of realism and reason to Romeo's love-struck behaviors
        • queen mab speech (act 1 scene 4)
          • although it sounds a bit crazy, the speech is meant to show Romeo that his love for Rosaline is no more than a dream of lust sent from "Queen Mab"
          • calling dreams something small
            • "little"
            • "In shape no bigger than an agate-stone"
            • "Not half so big as..."
            • to convince Romeo to attend the party with them
      • comic relief from all the conflict and drama
        • known for his sexual jokes and clever methods of making fun of Romeo
        • "her fan's the fairer face"
      • Acts as a foil to Romeo
        • foil = a character who, when contrasted to another, clarifies a characters personality
        • his jokes and comedic manner contrast to Romeo's much more serious and love-powered emotions
      • neither capulet or montague
        • he can give a relatively fair and unbiased view on the conflict and drama
    • adjectives to describe
      • loyal
        • even though he doesn't understand the situation, he accepts Tybalt's challenge to a duel to defend Romeo's name
      • devoted
      • witty
      • funny
      • insulting
      • disrespectful


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