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  • Juliet
    • Important Scenes
      • Act1, Scene 3 -Juliet discusses marriage with her mother and the Nurse
      • Act1, Scene 5 -Juliet meets Romeo at the party. They speak in sonnet form and flirt using clever imagery
      • Act2, Scene 2 -'The balcony scene'. Juliet manages to get Romeo to Promise to marriage
      • Act2, Scene 5 -Juliet is impatient for the Nurse to tell her whether Romeo has organised the wedding
      • Act2, Scene 6 -The wedding
    • Character Profile
      • Daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet (13 years old)
      • Starts Childish and naive who knew very little about love and marriage
      • She grows up very quickly as she falls in love with Romeo
      • As she is a female in an aristocratic family, she doesn't have the freedom that Romeo has
      • She has courage to put her whole life in the hands of a man that she met a couple of days ago
      • Her closest friend is the nurse but she is willing to shut the nurse out of her life as soon as the nurse turns against Romeo


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