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  • Meoisis
    • Nuclear Division
    • 4 daughter cells receive haploid number of chromosomes
    • Formation of Gametes
    • First Meiotic Divison
      • Prophase I
        • Nucleolus Disappears. Centrioles arrange at opposite ends
        • Chromosomes condense. Spindle fibres form
        • Metaphase I
          • Homologous Chromosomes move to equator together as one unit
          • Arranged so that homologous chromosomes divide
          • Anaphase I
            • Homologous chromosomes divide
            • Sister chromatids diverge from one another
            • Telophase I.
              • Cytokinesis.
              • Either short resting phase (interphase) or chromosomes condense and enter 2nd division
    • Second Meiotic Division
      • Prophase II.
        • New spindle formed at right angles to first one
        • Metaphase II.
          • Anaphase II.
            • Telophase II.
              • Cytokinesis
            • Chromosomes part and move to opposite ends
          • Chromosomes arrange themselves on spindle
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