Mentoring 8.4 and 8.10

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  • Mentoring
    • Jake Shand
      • Missed session 1 and session 3
      • Presented as very confident and lively, perhaps hyperactive
      • Development perhaps needed when it comes to presenting confidence in a positive way; rather than a negative way
        • Missed session 1 and session 3
    • Sid Cox
      • Quiet and reserved, not broken out of his shell
        • Very hardworking, all tasks completed in detail - independently driven
        • Interests and potential in Football
          • Nottingham Forest Development Squad
    • Danyal Rafiq
      • Very polite and reserved
      • Development to get Danyal to an afterschool club to help break him out of his shell
        • HUGE potential
    • Elicia Harrison
      • Very confident and comfortable with the sessions - not at all put out
        • Very talkative  - I believe she would report an issue if she came across one, as long as she felt comfortable with the teacher
      • Irish Dancing
    • Cameron Salmon
      • Wants to be a Photographer and go to University to achieve that
        • Very motivated and driven
          • HUGE potential, perhaps not in academic results, but certainly within his lifetime/career path - future Toot Hill Alumini
      • Struggles to read and write
      • Wants an A* or two
      • Very thoughtful: raised the issue of another student being bullied in class, shows a level of unsung maturity and shows great morals - certainly knows right from wrong and so is very kind hearted!
    • Cerys Tucker
      • Yet to meet, did not attend the first session, reportedly regularly late
        • Lateness to be addressed and solved before it has an effect on learning
    • Shayley Crawford
      • Presented as very polite and kind hearted
      • Another student suggested that she may be being bullied within class
        • After conversation with Mrs Munro, the solution is to teach Shayley basic morals and skills to up her level of maturity, allowing her to remain under the radar


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