Mental/Physical/Spiritual Conquences

One of the 6 themes for the contextual linking question.

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  • Mental/ Physical/ Spiritual Consquences
    • Birdsong
      • "when in doubt you go forward!"
        • A man's mental deterioration is shown when he is rocking himself back and forward repeating these words after the advance
      • "I never for a moment considered killing because it wouldn't have achieved anything"
        • Can be linked with the sentry (how Owen thought of killing himself)
      • "Horrocks pulled the silver cross from his chest and hurled it from him... Jack knew what had died in him"
        • When it is the Battle of the Somme. Jack, Horrocks and Shaw are watching from a hill and Horrocks the padre (military chaplain) loses his faith... This is significant because it shows someone who was extremely religious losing his faith so suddenly (moments before he had been praying). Suggests how horrifying the war war. He is pulling the necklace from his chest as well which gives the idea of his faith being close to his heart, more personal and intimate than his cross being 'around his neck' for example.
    • Prose
      • Regeneration
        • "Trouser legs were sewn short, empty sleeves pinned to jackets"
        • "if a country demanded that price, they should bloody well be prepared to look at the result" Sarah Lumb
    • Drama
      • Journey's End
        • "Drinking like a fish as usual" (Hardy about Stanhope)
          • His coping mechanism
    • Poetry
      • Exposure (Owen)
      • Disabled (Owen)
      • The Sentry (Owen)
      • Pluck (Eva Dobell)


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