The Mental Health Act 1983

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    • Only affects people in England and Wales
    • The act covers the reception, care and treatment of mentally disordered people, the management of their property and other related matters.
    • It provides legislation by which people suffering from a mental disorder can be detained in hospital and have their disorder assessed or treated against their wishes, this is unofficially known as SECTIONING.
    • METHODS of referral
      • Third Party Referral: when the patient is referred by their closest relative.
      • Self - Referral: when the patient refers himself / herself
      • Compulsory Referral : when the patient is referred by a professional
        • Example: doctor, social worker because they're identified as unable to make a decision for themselves, due to their mental health.
      • Professional Referral: when the patient is referred by a professional e.g. doctor, social worker.
    • Process
      • The process of admission starts with sectioning, followed by treatment. The patient is then discharged. After leaving the hospital they are given aftercare and supervision. Throughout the processes the patient should be informed of all decisions made about their care.
        • If the patient is unhappy they can appeal against them.
    • The term MENTAL ILLNESS is thought by most psychiatrists to cover Schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa, major depression, bipolar disorder and other similar illnesses.
      • (severe) mental impairment covers mental retardation (learning disability) and psychopathic disorder covers personality disorders.
    • The Act does state that someone cannot be suffering from a mental disorder 'by reason only of promiscuity or other immoral conduct, sexual deviancy or dependence on alcohol or drugs.
    • The definition of mental illness according to the Mental Health Act 1993 is "any illness or disorder or disability of the mind"


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