Mental Toughness and Resilience

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  • Mental Toughness & Resilience
    • Mental Toughness- the Four C's
      • control, commitment, challenge and confidence
      • commitment- 'stick-ability'
        • two elements: goal orientation and achievement orientation
      • control- 'can do'
        • two elements: life-control and emotional control
      • challenge- 'drive'
        • two elements: risk orientation and learning orientation
      • confidence- 'self-belief'
        • two elements: confidence in abilities and interpersonal confidence
    • AQR's Model of stress
      • stress = result of the impact of stressors and the way the indv responds to that stressor
        • stressors: individual, group, organisaiton and extra-organisational levels
      • outcomes: psychological, behavioural cognitive and physiological
    • The Mental Toughness concept
      • provides capability for working out what to do
        • understanding why someone may act the way they do
        • explains to others why mental toughness might be a good explanation for what is happening
        • points the way forward
      • provides framework for coaches, trainers and managers - can help to make positive interventions
    • Secondary Education studies
      • showed a relationship between mental toughness and attainment, classroom behaviour, attendance, aspirations, well being and development of peer relationships
      • both male and female teachers dealt with male and female pupils differently
      • major study for the UK Independent Schools Council showed the existence of a U shape curve during adolescent development – which was more pronounced for females than for males.
    • MTQ- provides capability for measuring what you do
      • Diagnosis- ident ify issues and suitable interventions
      • Evaluation- identifying to what extent development progresses
      • Research- identifyin which interventions are most effective and where development is needed


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