Human Physiology and Pathology-Menstrual cycle

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  • Menstrual cycle
    • First phase is the follicular phase, FSH promotes the development of a follicle
      • the follicle secretes oestrogen
        • oestrogen spike leads to a surge in LH
          • LH stimulates GC
            • The antrum size increases
              • follicular blood flow increases
                • oestrogen release from GC decreases
                  • pregesterone release from GC increases
                    • Then there is enzymatic degregationof follicular ovarian membranes
                      • oocyte is released on day 14
                        • then moves into the luteal phase
                          • The LH promotes the development of the corpus lutem, the ruptured follicle becomes the corpus lutem
                            • CL releases progesterone and oestrogen, if no pregnancy the menstruation continues
                              • There is FSh and LH release again
                                • endometrium degenerates
                                  • Then enters the proliferative phase
                                    • endometrium and myometrium thicken, the progesterone receptors increase
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