Mendel / inheritance

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  • Mendel / inheritance (genetics)
    • Bred bees and mice
    • 29000 experiments
    • Bred and studied pea plants
    • 7 characteristics (flowers colour) (height)
      • Found that parents have similar characteristic
    • He taught physics
    • Genes are found in the nucleus on things called chromosomes
      • They contains hundreds of different genes in a string
      • Genes tell cells what to do. They code for proteins. So the gene for brown eye colour will tell the cell to make a brown pigment
    • Allele - alternative form of a gene e.g. there are three alleles for eye colour (blue, brown, green)
    • If someone has 2 alleles the same they are HOMOZYGOUS
    • If a person has 2 different alleles they are HETEROZYGOUS


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