Memory: Working Memory Model

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  • Memory: Working Memory Model
    • Central Executive: allocates stimuli to the different sections)
      • Phonological Loop
        • Phonological Store: Store speech or sound related information (inner ear)
        • Articulatory Control System: Process for rehearsing information (inner voice)
      • Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad: manipulates visual information and creates spatial awareness (inner eye)
    • KF Case Study
      • Brain damage due to a motocycle accident
      • No LTM problems, but can only remember 2 items at a time
      • Forgot auditory stimuli more than visual stimuli
        • Suggests that there are multiple STM stores
        • Case study -> can investigate situations where it would be unethical to engineer them
        • Case study -> focus on one person -> lacks population validity -> can't generalise
    • Baddeley et al (1973)
      • 'Dual Task' study
        • Simple tracking task at the same time as a visual task
          • Following a spot of light whilst imagining a block F and saying whether the light matches up with the corners
          • Then given a tracking task with a verbal task
      • Two visual tasks were difficult
        • Visual and verbal task successful
      • Two visual tasks both use same part of STM (visuo-spatial sketchpad)
        • Visual and Verbal task used different parts so could be done successfully
        • Lacks ecological validity -> artificial setting -> can't generalise


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