Memory Strategies

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  • Memory Strategies
    • Organisation
      • Mindmaps
      • Hierarchies
        • Meaningful as information is linked to an overall category
          • Mindmaps
          • Retrieval cue as you remember the category therefore words associated
        • STUDY (Bower 1969): 65% accuracy with hierarchies, 19% accuracy randomly
    • Visual Mneumonics
      • Method of Loci
        • Set of walk through locations, meaningful as linked to existing information
        • Limitations: difficult to remember specific items without going through list & do not often need to learn lists
      • Pegwords
        • Retrival cues are a set of learned pegs, each item converted into image of pegword interacting with it
          • More flexible and effective
    • Verbal
      • Acrostic
        • Sentence out of initial letters (Richard of York...)
      • Acronymn
        • FIrst letters of words, form a new word


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