memory in the real world

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  • memory in the real world
    • Loftus and Palmer (peed of car)
      • lacks ecological validity
      • real world application
      • support from stop sign
    • Loftus and Palmer (broken glass)
      • shown a film/ week later asked if there was broken glass
      • smashed more likely to recall glass
      • post-event information affects inital storage
    • effect of anxiety
      • Johnson and Scott (pen and knife)
        • 49% accurate identifying the man with pen
        • 33% accuracy with the knife
        • lab experiment/ weapon focus effect
      • Christiansen and Hubinette
        • questionnaire 58 real witnesses
          • greater threat, more accurate recall/detail
    • effect of age
      • Yarmey (age differences in accuracy)
        • older adults (45-65)  less confident in recall of a confecderate
        • not less accurate than younger adults
        • not generalisable (own age bias)
        • extraneous varable to confidence
      • Parker and Carranza (school children and mock crime)
        • more likely to choose someone  than to adults , likely to make more errors.
    • cognitive interview
      • report everything
      • Mental reinstatement of context
      • changing the order
      • changing the perspective
      • proven effective/useful with older witnesses
    • memory improvement
      • Loci,Mind maps, Acronyms, Acrostics
      • lack mundane realsim


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