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  • memory, *****.
    • 1. Sensory register 2. STM 3. LTM
      • Studied in terms of encoding, capacity and duration.
        • Capacity testes by immediate digit span
          • Miller 1956, seven+-2
        • Baddeley et al. Study of STM based on word length. We remember more short words than long words. - as mony words as we can artticulate in 2 seconds.
          • Evaluation: - some people may be familiar with some of the words + lab study, doesnt reflect the everyday use of STM + short words may be simply easier to recall
      • Factors affecting the capacity of STM: influence of LTM, helps to memorise more effectively + reading aloud + rhythmic grouping + pronounciation time
      • Factors affecting the duration: - deliberate recall + maintanance rehearsal + how much informatution is stored
      • Study by Milner supporrts a clear distinction between STM and LTM, as recall works but learning new things doesn't.
        • Multi store model
          • Sensory memory - STM - LTM. (attention - rehersal)
          • Evaluation: Shows a clear difference between LTM and STM - it is too simplistic to explain the entire memory system (fails to account other factors such as strategic remembering) - doesnt explain the processes, just focuses on the structure (NOT SEQUENTIAL, ITS INTERACTIVE)
          • People store LTM without rehearsal.


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