Psychology AS Unit 1 - Memory (Part One)

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  • Memory
    • Sensory Memory (SM)
      • Gathers information from all 5 of the senses.
      • This new information is stored in the STM when paid attention to.
      • (DURATION) New memories and information lasts for only a couple of seconds before being lost.
    • Short-Term Memory (STM)
      • (CAPACITY) 7+2 Items can only be stored in the STM.
      • (DURATION) Memories and information is stored in the STM for 15-20 seconds before becomind lost (decayed).
      • By maintenance rehearsal the memories and information is stored into the LTM.
      • (ENCODING) STM is acoustic or visual
    • Long-Term Memory (LTM)
      • (DURATION) LTM has an unlimited duration for its memories and information.
      • (CAPACITY) LTM has an unlimited capacity unless the brain is damaged, then it can change.
      • Information can be retrieved from LTM to STM but is lost through interface
      • (ENCODING) LTM is Semantic


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